Monday, January 4, 2010

westwood boulevard + pico boulevard, west los angeles

I snapped this photo from the footbridge connecting the two halves of the Westside Pavilion mall, partly for the nifty view but also to illustrate how the monolithic shopping center stands aloof from its own environment. Aside from a few pedestrians heading east or west to the small handful of restaurants on seven-lane-wide Pico, the only real life at street level consists of teenagers waiting for the bus. Westwood Boulevard feels equally stark, with seven lanes flanked by shops that are all work and no play: office spaces, home goods, day care--not exactly conducive to browsing or loitering. How lovely would things be if everything just…slowed down a tad? Westwood Boulevard, now mostly a throughway, could finally transform into West LA's Main Street for both residents and nearby UCLA students. See it narrowed!
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