Thursday, January 28, 2010

lincoln boulevard + washington boulevard

Ah, Lincoln, known by all as Stinkin' Lincoln, how we love to hate you. Your miles of urban blight leave no room for greenery. Your buildings have either retreated behind vast carpark buffers or turned their backs on you entirely, their faux front doors hung with "Parking in Rear" signs. In short, you act like a freeway but think you're a small local road, making you one of the city's most schizophrenic places to be. I hate to be harsh, but other streets at least put forth an effort to be better, streets that are bigger than you —and you're eight lanes wide! Sure, you didn't choose to be overbuilt like you are; sure, you didn't ask to be the only practical conduit connecting all beach points between Santa Monica + LAX. But is this any way to live, Stinkin'? You could plant trees, build medians, allow for buildings over two stories (what is this, 1930?) — even better, you could even infill with a streetcar running down your middle. You've got the room. Like it or not, you've become the Westside's "missing" freeway, a major corridor to thousands each day. Time to start acting like one! See it narrowed!
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