Monday, January 11, 2010

reader request: eagle rock boulevard + colorado boulevard, eagle rock (I)

Thanks to Rebecca Niederlander for the location request.

Eagle Rock feels relaxing + nerve-wracking at the same time — a small, sleepy village built around streets wide enough to use as airplane runways. Crossing the street, I noticed, seemed more like a defiant act of local pride than a hop, skip, or jump. One resident stared down cars (each itching to make their left turn) as he crossed, as if to declare: I have the right to stroll along without sprinting like a soldier fleeing gunfire, and stroll along I shall, dammit! Big city features like crosswalk countdowns + controlled left turn lanes seem out of place in this otherwise sweetly cozy hipster enclave, which is why Eagle Rock makes a bit more sense when narrowed down. Our two early birds sitting at the cafe in the photo, for example, feel less absurd when facing one lane as opposed to the six in reality. See it narrowed!
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