Tuesday, January 12, 2010

reader request: van nuys boulevard + oxnard street, van nuys

Thanks to the very eloquent + impassioned Andy Hurvitz for the location request.

Stand at this colossal intersection of Van Nuys + Oxnard, and observe: not counting the sky, how much of the landscape before you involves car travel? Van Nuys Boulevard is improbably, insanely huge, nine lanes wide at points, wide enough to make me wonder what in Cthulu's name could've been the lunatic contingency these city planners were designing for: Space Shuttle ground delivery? Emergency Cylon landing? Big-rig drag racing?

The Valley's spectacular streets are of proportions beyond even Corbusian imagination. They simply defy being narrowed, merely becoming slightly less-wide streets, nothing narrow enough to really be considered human-scaled. A drastic diet is needed — an urban lap band, so to speak, beyond my current technique — and I've already put this challenge on my R+D to-do list. See it not-so-wide!
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