Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reader request: silver lake boulevard + effie street, silver lake (I)

Thanks to the indefatigable Ramon Martinez for the location request.

I've always had a hard time comprehending Silverlake. Aside from the obvious hipsterism of Sunset Junction, the neighborhood seems to hide its bars, clubs, and galleries out of sight, as if it were too busy shoegazing to notice its own importance as a musical + artistic mecca. Spaceland (above) is a perfect example: rock geeks seeking pilgrimage to this sacred temple might be disappointed to find themselves in a nondescript residential throughway with no other bars or clubs in sight. Maybe that's part of Silverlake's understated indie charm — but I still find it strange that a city as big as LA has almost no major rock 'n' roll drags besides the Sunset Strip. This stretch of Silver Lake Boulevard (with its eponymous reservoir rec space just up the street) begs for proper socialization. Narrowing it down would allow partygoers to crisscross the road safely + spontaneously, creating the perfect conditions for a thriving ecosystem of nightlife as well as the basis for becoming LA's next great hotspot. See it narrowed!
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