Monday, December 21, 2009

sunset boulevard, echo park (II)

It's unfortunate that Echo Park's candy-colored storefronts are separated by such a wide swath of boring gray asphalt. Say you're on the shady side, and a shiny object across the street catches your eye. Unless you're an Olympic sprinter with low risk awareness, chasing down that shiny-shiny becomes a tedious, formalized ritual of reaching an intersection, pushing the "permission to walk" button, waiting for the 50mph stream of traffic to stop, and finally hustling across, eyes fixed on the dwindling countdown, with perhaps a dawdling child in tow who as yet doesn't understand the State's implied mandate: move as fast as humanly possible, you Pedestrians, lest the Cars lose patience. What a chore! Me, I'd rather teach my kids to skip across--there's plenty of time for sprinting later. See it narrowed!
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