Thursday, December 24, 2009

la brea avenue + 6th street, mid-wilshire (I)

The familiar Samsung sign on La Brea + Wilshire has always felt like a nascent Times Square to me, burning a fierce blue, drawing people toward it like a beacon. But at the base of the sign there is no gathering place, and no street life awaits--just seven lanes of cars on Wilshire, seven on La Brea. Still, you can sense the city's urge to transform this crossroads into a clustering spot: steadily increasing numbers of absolutely top-notch restaurants + shops show promise, even though they're still too spread out to obviate the need for infernal valet parking. So who knows? Maybe we'll see more neon temples erected: Facebook, or HTC. Maybe in 25 years this asphalt nexus will even become the place to celebrate New Year's Eve under a borealis of light. See it narrowed!
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