Monday, November 23, 2009

sunset boulevard + clark street, west hollywood

West Hollywood's glitzy, glammed-up, & oversexed stretch of Sunset, with its iconic rock clubs + tattoo parlors, can actually be a treacherous place to walk despite its fame. Cars careen around the boulevard's curves. Local residents drive-bomb down the hills with white-knuckle speed to avoid its notoriously long traffic signals--one car tragically killed a motorcyclist when I used to work nearby. Fewer lanes would bring it closer to the scale of Boston's Landsdowne St., New York City's West 27th St., and other "club rows" by slowing traffic down, allowing for shorter light cycles, and thus enabling pedestrians to spend less time looking over their shoulders at intersections and more time making Sunset an even crazier place to par-tay. See it narrowed!

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