Wednesday, February 10, 2010

reader request: huntington drive + san marino ave (I)

Thanks to Allison Achauer for the location request, who writes: "One street that has always struck me as ridiculously wide is Huntington Blvd. in San Marino. It's all very fancy, of course, with a gigantic grassy median, but the two sides feel like opposite shores of a vast lake!"

Idyllic, sleepy San Marino is bisected by Huntington Avenue, a street named after old-California royalty that features a cozy string of shops as well as an adorably teeny city hall building facing an ornate town clock across the street. But you'll need field binoculars to check the time on that clock, separated as it is by Huntington's eleven (11!) lanes — that's wider than the Arroyo Seco Parkway! Allison's not the only one who's confused by this crazy width. What did San Marino's residents have in mind for this street? A parade? Express transport for Saturn V rocket engines? Anyone?

Narrowing Huntington down to a properly-sized road brings that charming clock tower closer to whoever might be waiting at that bus stop, allowing them to admire its fine ornamentation — and finally be able to check the time, too. See it narrowed!
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