Wednesday, February 17, 2010

reader request: sunset boulevard + virgil avenue

Thanks to NS:LA regular Andy Hurvitz for the location request.

It's tough to tell at a glance, but this little crossroads is chock full of goodies: Acapulco Mexican restaurant, Rudy's Barbers, El Chavo Restaurant, Uncle Jer's curiosity shop, and the historic Vista theatre. On paper, it's the perfect place to get a haircut, dinner, and some window shopping fun before a movie. Reality's a little more challenging, with each zig and/or zag across Sunset requiring interminable waits at the huge paralellogram intersection. Narrowing things thrusts street life to the foreground, transforms streethopping into a more sprightly affair, and obviates the need for heavy-handed formalities like that dedicated left turn signage looming above the road like a giant staple — which, when abbreviated, could serve nicely as gateway to let people know they've entered a new + unique neighborhood.See it narrowed!
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