Wednesday, February 3, 2010

reader request: grand avenue + 1st street (northwest), downtown

Thanks to Scot Pansing for the location suggestion.

This corner of downtown is wonderland of architectural fancy: in a single city block you've got the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, MOCA, and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion + Walt Disney Concert Hall, both pictured above. But this block is actually a quarter-mile square, bound by streets eight lanes wide; the view at street level is dominated by concrete vastlands that can swallow up entire crowds of tourists whole. These two cultural meccas above seem too separated, aloof, privatized. Bringing them closer changes their relationship, making them feel more like two temples within a compound: truly the heart beating at downtown's artistic core. Travelling between the two makes more intuitive sense, and becomes more of an intimate segue and less like simple mall-hopping. See it narrowed!
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