Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reader request: colorado boulevard + mount royal drive, eagle rock

Thanks again to Ramon Martinez for the location request.

Eagle Rock prides itself on being LA's hometown, a cozy village just a few minutes away from the bustle of Los Angeles proper. But it was tough for me to get that sense while snapping pix along its main thoroughfare, Colorado Boulevard: a speedy + sometimes fatal dragstrip (four people and an unborn baby died on this "small" local road in August 2008) that is a never-ending source of frustration for local traffic enforcement officials struggling against that classic paradox of sprawl — a city that tries to act country, with denizens pretending their hardest to enjoy a stroll alongside six lanes of 50mph traffic. Colorado, which at Townsend represents the historic core of Eagle Rock, once boasted streetcars linking it to the rest of the Southland — streetcars that once justified such a wide street. But why pretend? Why not re-imagine Colorado at a human scale, to bring it back to its Mayberry Street roots? See it narrowed!
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