Thursday, March 11, 2010

rodeo drive + dayton way, beverly hills

I've mentioned cartoon places (like The Grove) before, and to the left of this shot of Rodeo Drive there's one of the cartooniest places in LA: a little strip mall designed to look like a charming, car-free street straight out of Paris, complete with ornamented bollards, cobblestones, and even an incline for a dash of naturalism. Its artificiality is exacerbated by Rodeo Drive itself, a five-laner that, while well-appointed with street furniture like medians and bulbs, is otherwise your typical American drag strip: straight + narrow, with its cars all itching for speed. Narrowing Rodeo makes that little incline feel less like a one-off novelty and more like a properly integrated part of the city. See it narrowed!
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