Monday, March 15, 2010

melrose avenue + westmount drive, west hollywood

Don't let its egalitarian-sounding name fool you — WeHo's Avenues of Art + Design are a secret triangular enclave where the rich + famous go for spa days or nest-feathering excursions at ultra-high-end galleries and home furnishing stores (if you can call a $4,000 chrome vase a home furnishing). It's all charming enough, I guess, if predictably devoid of foot traffic (could you imagine the paparazzi?). Except for this little pocket of activity here at Urth Cafe, where I once got the ped-wave from Jason Statham as he strolled across the crosswalk in front of my car. Wahoo, star gazing! Right. So. I find there's not a whole lot to say about the wealthier parts of our fair city, whose coldly stylish streets would be just as frigid whether they were 2 or 200 lanes wide. Community + public space just don't matter to people with enough cash to create their own private kingdoms. Let's just enjoy the narrowed view then, shall we?
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