Monday, March 8, 2010

my parents’ house

I remember when my family first moved out of the crime + noise of '70s LA and into the suburban havens of Orange County. Orange County had zero caché back then (no one called it "The OC") but it did have plenty of sun, space, and quiet. It was half rural, with most subdivisions still sharing land with nearby fields of bean, lettuce, and strawberry. I remember the huge, futuristic scale of its new-for-1977 homes, with their giant rooftop foreheads and facades dominated by garage doors: each house a rectangular prism formed by two large blank planes, with just the lower right corner reserved for a dash of faux-period styling. Turns out this minimalism was a great cost-cutting measure, a kind of artificially flavored, starch-heavy architectural recipe that becomes pretty evident when you narrow the sucker down — it's as if they took a somewhat normal-looking cottage and stretched out the cheap parts for the sake of volume. Still, I love my parents' house, and like the junk food of my tween years it inevitably has become a nostalgia-driven part of my aesthetic. See it narrowed!
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