Thursday, March 4, 2010

culver boulevard + cardiff avenue, culver city

I love Washington Square. Everyone loves Washington Square. Parking structures are tastefully hidden away out of sight; great food abounds, with outdoor seating placed away from traffic; and hey, there's a few theaters, too. This whole Asian-fusion enchilada is deftly bookended by an iconic Flatiron-esque hotel at one end (above) and the dapper Kirk Douglas theater at the other, clearly defining the district and giving it historical context.

It's just that every time I go there, I have an awkward time crossing the street. Everyone does. Washington's left turn lanes cut through the center planting strip at an angle, creating a confusing little web of crosswalks, controlled traffic signals, and mother-may-I buttons (as in, "mother may I walk across the street at the next green cycle?"). I'm not the only one who's mildly baffled — I've seen plenty of other people hesitate at curb cuts before skittering across with an awkward giggle and some sort of ironic declaration: "We're gonna get ourselves killed!" Stripping out that complicated median makes the act of crossing the street more what it should be: effortless. See it narrowed!
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